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Frequently Asked Questions

The legal term for the time limit for filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is "statute of limitations." These filing deadlines vary from state to state, and can also vary depending on the type of claim being asserted. If a lawsuit is not within this time period, you may forfeit your right to seek compensation for any damages suffered. Learn more!

The short answer is nothing, unless and until a recovery/settlement is obtained in your case. Learn more!

Every case is different and presents unique factors, so no ethical attorney can determine in advance the exact amount that you will be able to recover.  Anyone who is willing to promise a result before thoroughly investigating and analyzing all aspects of your case should be viewed with skepticism. Learn more!

The average case takes about 12 to 18 months, however, the time it takes to get through the claim resolution process varies quite a lot from case to case. If the evidence of liability is strong and there is little doubt as to the nature and extent of the plaintiff's injuries, the case should settle for a reasonable value within four to six months after the accident and completion of your medical treatment, without the need for litigation. Any number of factors can complicate and extend this timeframe. Learn more!

In most personal injury and wrongful death cases, you can still recover damages even if you were partially at fault for the injury or death. In many situations involving auto accidents and or on the job injuries, you may be entitled to compensation even if you are partially to blame. Learn more!

One of the most immediate and serious issues injured people face is how their medical treatment and case costs will be paid while their case is in progress.

Medical attention must be sought immediately, but a major concern among even those with health insurance is – will my health insurance cover the bills related to an auto accident or other injury causing incident. This is another reason to contact an attorney sooner rather than later.  If you don't have insurance or it does not appear that your health insurance will cover your medical expenses, a personal injury attorney will be able to help you get access to care. Learn more!